🏖Good morning San Diego🏞 Climbing season is in full effect and temps are as good as can be right now.Here at EL CAJON MT.with️@colincal and Allison on their first multi pitch climb ️What a great opportunity to hit up one of SD's finest multi pitch areas 🏞It gets often pretty hot up there and NOW is the time to go.If YOU are on to learn how to multi pitch climb, hit us up!We are now taking reservations for our 'Intro to multi pitch' class. Join us for a day on the mountain and learn some solid skills while experiencing the beauty of climbing a long route. Ps: check out our story tomorrow for more ECM multi pitch climbing fun 🏞…#chillinorockclimbing #sandiegrockclimbing #neverstopexploring #climb #rockclimbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #sandiego #chillinoguides #multipitch….@colincal @aacsandiego @mesarimclimbing @william_helmer @the_cosmic_climber @gregasaurus_flex