Bouldering in Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park. It's amazing how much rock there is that seems to be still untouched – despite the glorious climbing history o Yosemite. Here we are on a mission to find new lines in the Boulder field. This one looked much promising – bit of a highball. My onsight attempt failed due to poor rock conditions on the top out. Too much lichen and eventually crumbly rock made me down climb this! As a climber it is an important skill to learn when to back up – reasons could be different! This one was obvious. Put away your ego! Come back another time, clean the rock, make it safe, get stronger!! The BEAUTY: the rock will most likely be still there in our life time. You can measure your performance on an individual peace of rock for your lifetime. Can't wait to go back! Yosemite season around the corner. Climb safe and see you out there!