Climbing without a rope (free-soloing) is not dangerous! 99.99% of all climbers who free solo know what they are doing. Most of them have climbed their free solo route x-times before they even consider a rope less ascent. They pick their route difficulty much below of what their limit is. Free solo climbers want to know what they get into. They want to have a 100% control over what they are doing – there is absolutely no room for error and they know that!As a free solo climber you should be aware of two things:1. What is my physical limit and technical skill?2. What is my psyche? How do I deal with the fact that there is no room for error?#1 is all about what your body can do. Are you flexible? Do you know how to move your body? Do you have the strength to hold a certain hand hold?#2 is a much more complex area because it addresses your psyche directly. Are you comfortable with heights? Can you stay calm and not become hectic when you encounter a difficult section of the climb? Can you maintain your breathing at a constant pace? Are you scared? Do you picture consequences often – what if…? Knowing what your body can do is the best precondition for building your mental strength. After that it is all about your mental conditioning. This touches upon your every day life personality… How many risks are you willing to take? Do you have goals in life? Are you concerned with failing? How hard do you try to achieve your goals and the list goes on… It is inevitable to mention that mastering both skills (physical+mental) make up a good free solo climber – knowing your skill and being confident about it makes you forget about all the what if's?A strong climber may never attempt a free solo climb due to mental limits. A weaker climber with a strong mind may consider a free solo climb more likelier than the above.Please give me se input about free solo climbing as there are certainly more aspects to it than what I mentioned above.Know yourself and know what your limits are… And don't forget to push them once in a while (does not have to be a free-solo ;) Stay safe!