Bachelor Party Rock Climbing


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Bachelor Party Rock Climbing

Celebrate in style and book your bachelor party rock climbing. We offer this event at two different locations!

Option #1: Rock climbing at Mission Trails.

This is an easy to access climbing area in SD (25 min from downtown or beaches) with climbs at all levels and up to 100+ feet high – very friendly for climbers with no experience and also plenty of challenging climbs for more advanced climbers. At this location we will teach an intro to rock climbing class so that everybody learns how to top rope belay and tie in. This trip can be done in 5 hours.

Price for group up to 6 (5hrs): $540

Price for group up to 12 (5hrs):$840


Option #2: Hiking and Rock Climbing at Mt. Woodson

Mount Woodson is a cool peak nearby Ramona (2880 feet elevation) to celebrate your special bachelor party rock climbing – about 45min. drive from downtown or the beaches in SD. This area attracts a lot of hikers because of “Potato Chip Rock” – a really cool natural rock formation that sits on the very top of Mt.Woodson and looks like a thin potato chip sticking out over some really great exposure (makes a cool group picture).


Besides Potato Chip Rock there is also some cool rope climbing at Mt. Woodson. The climbing is different (compared to MT) as it is made up by thousands of boulders that are sprinkled over the hillside of the mountain. The climbs are rather short (usually in between 20-30 feet max). At this trip we would slowly hike up the mountain and climb here and there as we finally arrive at Potato Chip Rock. The big difference is that we keep moving form climb site to climb site rather than being stationary. For this trip we need about 6-7 hours for a round trip.


Bachelor party rock climbing prizes:


Price for group up to 6 (6-7hrs): $600

Price for group up to 12 (6-7hrs): $900



All necessary rock climbing equipment will be provided on all trips. Please call us for booking and more information on our offers.

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Mission Trails, Mount Woodson

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up to 6, up to 12