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Reach your next level and climb outdoors every week.

Meet other local climbers and make friendships.

Develop confidence with our “Master Your Skills” teaching philosophy.

Learn new skills from our expert guides every session.


How to Sign up

Sign up for a minimum of 1 (drop in), 3, 6 or 10 sessions. Prerequisites: confident at tying a figure 8 follow through knot and PLUS belaying technique or taking our Intro to rock climbing class.


Every Sunday, 7am – 11.30am, various locations (see calendar below)


Chillino Sessions calendar 2021 (look up your preferred dates here and indicate them in the booking form when checking out. In case you do not know all your dates yet! No problem, we will keep your sessions as credit and you can schedule them anytime within the expiration time period – see terms below)

* receive a 50% discount for the intro class with the purchase of any of the packages. Pay $60 instead of $125. Please add intro class to the cart and use promo code “intropackage” when checking out (voucher only valid in combination with package)

Location links (click for Google maps link): Mission Trails || Lake Dixon || Idyllwild || Newjack City || Joshua Tree

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Scheduling policies

Climbers have to be 16 years and older to be able to join and schedule. You can schedule your sessions all at once or a few at a time. Please keep the following expiration terms in mind when booking your package:

  • A package of 3 sessions is valid for 2 months after purchase.
  • A package of 6 sessions is valid for 5 months after purchase.
  • A package of 10 sessions is valid for 8 months after purchase.

Please make sure to have all your sessions scheduled within the valid time frame after purchasing. We create our signup sheet on a first-come-first-serve base. Therefore, please allow 21 days for scheduling in some cases.

Re-scheduling, cancellation and refund policies

Purchased packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may reschedule any session until 5 days before (120hrs) the day it is scheduled –  please re-schedule until no later than Tuesday morning 7.00am. Later requests for re-scheduling cannot be honored.

Covid Safety policies – please read our covid-19 safety policies here

Questions and Answers

Q: Do I need to have climbing experience in order to join?

A: Yes. You need to have minimal experience! Every climber joining is expected to know how to safely use a top rope setup (on both sides of the rope, being the climber and the belayer). If you need to brush up on your top roping skills, please sign up for our intro class first as this will get you ready to join any of our community sessions. If you sign up for the intro class and purchase a community sessions package you receive a 50% discount on your intro class. Link to sign up for intro class here (use promo code if purchasing a sessions package “intropackage”)

Q: Do I need to bring my own climbing equipment?

A: No. We provide all necessary rock climbing equipment for you in case you do not own your personal gear. You may consider purchasing your own gear as you progress and join our sessions more often. Climbing with our guide will help you to make choices regarding future gear purchases. Members are encouraged to bring their own gear if they own it (shoes, helmet, harness, carabiners, belay device/s, rope/s, etc.) When you sign up, we will send you a link to a questionnaire asking for the items of rental gear you need.

A: How can I pick my date/s?

Q: please click on the calendar above (below rates chart) and look up your preferred dates. When checking out you have the opportunity to add a note to your booking. Please indicate your preferred dates in the notes section and we will confirm availability shortly after.

Q: How long are the sessions and how is the flow of each session?

A: Each session is set for 4 or 4.5 hours from “car to car” – we meet up at the parking lot and we will be back at the car (parking lot) 4 hours later. The approach time differs from location to location. Since most sessions take place at Mission Trails, expect about 30min hike each way (at a moderate to slow pace). Here is an example of a possible timeline (4.5 hrs session):

06.30pm: meet up on the first (paved) pull out on the right, shortly after turning from Mission Gorge Rd. onto Father Junipero Serra Trail. This is nearby the visitor center parking lot at Mission Trails. (Please do not park on the main parking lot in front of the visitor center as the gates close at 7pm during the summer time.)

07.00am – 07.15am: meet and greet + gear fitting if required. (15min)

07.15am – 07.45am: hike to climb site via “Climber’s loop trail’. (30min)

07.45am – 10.45am: climb and meet other climbers. Learn new skills. (2hrs 30min)

10.45am – 11.00am: climb site “clean up” – get ready to leave. (15min)

11.00am – 11.30am: hike back to the parking lot of visitor center (30min)

Q: Is it required to stay for the exact time from beginning to end (4 or 4.5hrs)?

A: You are encouraged to stay with us for the entire time. This way we have a great opportunity to meet each other, spend a significant amount of time and build a strong community. However, we understand that some of us may not have time for a full 4 or 4.5 hours session.  In this case we will allow a later start or an earlier finish so you can join the session and leave the session on your own schedule. Please ONLY allow for this situation after you have joined us at least 1 or 2 times. We would like to meet you first and ensure that you have an understanding of the terrain and where certain climb sites are. If for example you cannot start with us, we will send you our exact climb site location via text or email. This will be communicated in the morning of our climbing session.

Q: What to expect if there is rain predicted?

A: In the rare case of bad weather we will reschedule with you at your best convenience. We will inform you about the cancellation of a session due to weather at least 36hrs before our scheduled session. It is our duty to make a final call on whether it is appropriate to pursue the original trip itinerary or cancel due to bad weather conditions.

Q: is there a minimum age for participating?

A: Yes. It is 16 years. If you are younger or have younger kids, there is an opportunity to sign up for our kids climbing sessions.

Q: How many climbers will be in the group at maximum?

A: At maximum there will be 7 in the group – 6 climbers + 1 of our guides

Q: Where will the climbing take place?

A: Mostly at Mission Trails Regional Park and other climbing areas throughout San Diego county (please look at the community sessions” calendar for dates and location updates. If there is nothing indicated, classes will take place at Mission Trails). We try to rotate our specific climb sites for every session as much as we can but you might be climbing at the same spot for more than one session. Potential other locations are: Lake Dixon, Santee Boulders and Mt. Woodson.

Q: Do I have to schedule all sessions at once?

A: No. You can book one session at a time. However, we encourage you to put as many sessions on your calendar as possible since our sessions are intended to get you out climbing often. Reservations will be taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. Remember that sessions will expire after a certain time period after purchase (2 months for the 3-pack, 5 months for the 6-pack, 8 months for the 10 pack).

Q: Does each individual community session follow a certain class schedule?

A: Other than having ‘ready to go’ top rope set ups – No! Our community sessions are very dynamic and flexible with regards to what will be taught. It is mainly an outlet to top rope climb, meet other climbers and to create an opportunity to safely practice outdoor top rope climbing on a regular basis and under the mentorship of our guides. We will present a “skill of the week” at every session and these “skills” are beyond the scope of top rope climbing. You are also encouraged to ask many questions during our sessions.

Q: Am I allowed to lead climb in any of the community sessions?

A: Generally No. Community sessions are mainly intended to bring routine to your climbing habits through outdoor top rope climbing. By frequently joining our sessions, you will automatically improve your movement skills. Other technical rope skills will be added in our “skill of the week” section of every session. This section includes the practice of advanced skills that go beyond top rope climbing.

Q: Will I be able to lead climb and set up anchors after completing a few sessions?

A: No. However, there will be lead climbing and other (more advanced) skills presented and practiced throughout our sessions. The more you come the more knowledge you will pick up from our guides and other community members. We guarantee that you will have a great understanding of the lead climbing and anchoring process after having joined us for twelve sessions.

Q: What is the “skill of the week”?

A: The skill of the week is a section of the session that will add knowledge to our standard top rope practice. We will not follow a certain syllabus and rather play it by ear what will be presented. and as appropriate (depending on group experience and other factors). The idea of our community sessions is to provide a solid start for you into the world of rock climbing. After 6 or 10 sessions you may consider booking one of our more advanced courses where we go very much into detail with anchoring and lead climbing skills.

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