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We are excited to invite your kids to a full week of outdoor adventure and rock climbing in San Diego during August of 2021. Kids between the ages of 8 and 15 are welcome to join our weekday kids rock climbing sessions. Rock climbing summer camp is a 5-day adventure that takes place at 3 different locations in San Diego county. Drop your kids off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.

Our Camp is centered around rock climbing but more so an invitation for your kids to responsibly learn their ways outdoors. Besides actual climbing, our summer camp program includes other activities such as, short hikes, games and environmental science experiences. Kids have the opportunity to challenge themselves at their own level. Our camps are characterized through small groups, empowerment and a whole lot of fun on and off the rocks.

What: 5 days of rock climbing summer camp in San Diego County (group of max. 8 kids, 4/1 kids to guide ratio)

When: Monday through Friday. Four available weeks in August. Each day starts at 8am till 2.30pm (earlier or later pick up is possible upon arrangement).

Dates: Monday – Friday

  • August 2nd – 6th
  • August 9th – 13th
  • August 16th – 20th
  • August 23rd – 27th

Where:   San Diego county locations:

  1. Mission Trails Regional Park
  2. Santee Boulders
  3. Lake Dixon (Escondido)

Who: Chillino Rock Climbing Team, AMGA certified rock climbing guides. Lead guide William Helmer and assistant guide

Costs: $600/camper

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Educational objectives for our summer camp climbers

Developmental skills (soft skills)

  1. Fun: rock climbing simply is fun! And we do not underestimate the powerful influence of FUN on our well-being. Being outside, observing wildlife, enjoying great views and seeing you and your peers challenging themselves are often the most powerful elements we experience at our climbing programs.
  2. Confidence: our summer camp kids will be encouraged to challenge themselves on their own level and only as much as they are willing to do. Our lead guide William Helmer is an expert at recognizing when it is appropriate to add a challenge for your kid – whether that is the encouragement of making the next climbing move, or helping to overcome a fear of climbing higher. Kids will automatically increase their level of confidence after climbing through a hard section of rock or after learning a new move or a technical gear skill.
  3. Responsibility: kids are encouraged to do their own safety checks and hold their climbing partners ‘liable’ to follow a certain safety protocol. Kids will be reminded to take responsibility for their own well-being during program (and after) such as, proper hydration, sunscreen application and the application of general ‘Leave No Trace Ethics’ in the outdoors (specifically around rock climbing). Older kids are encouraged to take a leadership role over younger kids (e.g. helping each other through coaching on climbing moves)
  4. Organization: kids are encouraged to develop an understanding about the necessary items we have to pack for our day out climbing/adventuring in SoCal’s summer season. Kids are also encouraged to follow a certain ‘climb site’ etiquette that increases safety while moving along the base of the rocks.
  5. Problem solving skills: Rock Climbing is as much of a mental game as it is a physical challenge. When your child climbs their first rock face, they might be overwhelmed by all of the different ways they can climb to the top. As they progress up the wall, they learn how to mentally map out the most efficient way to navigate through the puzzle. These problem solving and planning skills easily transfer to your child’s everyday life.

Technical skills (hard skills):

  1. Climbing technique: kids will be introduced to climbing specific moves and learn the names of hand/foothold and basic climbing move terminology. Rock climbing is well known to dramatically improve your kids eye, hand, foot coordination in a playful, intuitive way
  2. Gear knowledge: harness, helmet, climbing shoes, ropes, carabiners, belay device, etc.
  3. Knot tying skills: Figure 8 follow through knot, dbl. overhand knot and potentially others.
  4. Belaying: via ATC belay device and/or GriGri. Some kids may learn how to belay depending on age and general skill and attitude.
  5. Planning skills: Kids will be introduced to strategies that aim to pack appropriate gear based on climate and environmental factors (in our case and given the season – heat – sunscreen, enough water, clothing, etc.).

What to bring/wear:

  • Bottles that hold 2-3 liters of water/person/day
  • snacks and lunch (plenty to sustain a long day)
  • medium to big size backpack
  • gloves (for belaying and rope handling, optional!)
  • flexible pants/shorts for climbing
  • sunglasses
  • extra layer/s (long sleeves, hoody, jacket)
  • close-toed shoes for hiking
  • sunscreen
  • chapstick
  • layers (sunshirt)
  • climbing gear (if available)
  • hat for sun protection (base cap, vizor or full brim sunhat)

Bring at least all items that are marked in bold. Be prepared for sudden weather changes from warm to windy and cool to freezing cold temperatures. A good layer system of clothing helps to maintain a comfortable body core temperature.

Chillino Rock Climbing will provide all necessary rock climbing equipment for all camp attendees. Campers are welcome and encouraged to bring their personal climbing gear such as, harness, helmet, climbing shoes and other hardware equipment (our guides will check personal gear for appropriate condition).


Re-scheduling, cancellation and refund policies

Kids rock climbing summer camps in San Diego are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may reschedule any camp until 3 weeks (21 days) before the day it starts on Monday.

Covid Safety policies – please read our covid-19 safety policies here

Questions and Answers

Q: Do my kids have to have climbing experience in order to join?

A: No. There is absolutely no climbing experience required at our Kids rock climbing summer camp in San Diego. One of the goals of our kids program is to slowly introduce each kid to the activity of rock climbing while developing important social skills. Kids with more experience are encouraged to share their knowledge and “co-teach” with our instructors.

Q: Do kids have to own their own climbing equipment?

A: No. We provide all necessary rock climbing equipment for everybody who does not own personal gear. Kids may consider acquiring their own gear as they progress and join more often. Climbing with our guide will help parents to make choices regarding future gear purchases. Kids are encouraged to bring their own gear if they own it (shoes, helmet, harness,…).

Q: Is it possible to pick my kid/s up later than 2.30pm?

A: Yes! Upon request and for an extra charge of $1/minute, we will indivdually supervise your child until pickup (max 1.5hrs, $’s are charged in blocks of 15min).

Q: Is it possible to arrange an earlier pick up than 2.30pm?

A: Yes. You can arrange an earlier pick up. This may require parents/guardians to meet us at the climb site. Please make individual arrangements with us for each day as locations change.

Q: is there a minimum/maximum age for participating?

A: Yes. It is 8 years or older and no older than 15 years.

Q: How many climbers will be in the group at maximum?

A: At maximum there will be 10 in the group – 8 climbers + 2 of our guides

Q: Where will the climbing take place?

A: Mostly at Mission Trails Regional Park but also at Santee Boulders and Lake Dixon in Escondido (see links in general description above).

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August 2nd – 6th, August 9th – 13th, August 16th – 20th, August 23rd – 27th


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