Lead Climbing and Anchor Course – Joshua Tree, March 13th + 14th, 2021

$299 $299

Join us for our two day lead climbing and anchor course in Joshua Tree National Park! On the weekend of March 07th + 08th we will teach you all the essential skills that will raise your confidence in outdoor lead climbing and anchor building. Our course is packed with information and many hands on applications that our experienced guides will showcase in multiple scenarios. Prior to class you will be provided a complete course manual.

Course Dates:

Saturday and Sunday March 07th + 08th, 2020


8am – 4pm each day (8hrs)


We meet up at Indian Cove Campground (exact meeting location will be sent with booking confirmation)


8hrs+ each day, 8am till 4pm





Please check our minimum requirements for participating in this course


  • Climb solid 5.9 top rope (gym and/or outdoor)
  • Know top rope belaying technique (ATC, GriGri or similar device)
  • Be efficient at tying figure eight follow through knots
  • Be familiar with Course Manual (will be sent to you when signing up)


Driving to Joshua Tree

It takes 3 hours to drive from San Diego to Joshua Tree National Park (no traffic J). We recommend to carpool with other participants where possible. As our course dates come close, we will start to arrange potential carpoolers.


Staying in Joshua Tree

The town of Joshua Tree, nearby Yucca valley and 29 Palms offer a variety of accommodations from Hotels, Motels to Airbnb’s and private cabins. Alternatively, there are plenty of options to stay in Palm Springs which is a 1 hour and 10 min. drive away from the National Park. Camping inside the Park is also possible. Most campgrounds work on a first-come first-serve basis (Only “Sheep Pass” and “Indian Cove” take reservations). Chillino Rock Climbing staff will be staying at one of the campgrounds in the park and we would be happy to share our sites with you – please let us know. To get a private site we highly recommend that you arrive by noon on Friday to increase your chances of getting a site.


Here is a breakdown of all skills that are taught in our lead climbing and anchor course:


Figure eight knot on a bite

Overhand knot on a bite

“Big honking knot” (figure eight + overhand)

Fisherman knot

Double fisherman’s knot

Flemish bend

Rope hitches (9mm)

Clove hitch

“Munter” hitch

Cord Hitches (5-7mm)

Girth hitch




Belaying skills

Lead belaying

“Guide’s mode” belaying (ATC guide, Reverso)

Lead Climbing skills

Placing trad gear + clipping bolts on lead

Clipping rope

Rope management while leading

Anchoring skills

Sport vs. trad anchors (variations: Cordalette, Equalette, Quad)

Placing trad gear


Tying off master point (various knots)

Rapelling skills

Transition from anchor to rappelling

Friction hitch back up

“Fireman’s belay”