Last year we had the pleasure to check out this very special climbing/bouldering area in Germany"A V A L O N I A"Our friends from @kraftraumbocholt together with "Kraftpflaume" Olli did a great job to stir up excitement.I kept hearing "it is unique" kinda odd. "And there is this guy who lives there"Mmmh, a climber living there 🤔 well! That almost sounds familiar like a classic American dirtbag dream but apparently the story here is different.Just recently we found out that Avalonia was featured in @patagonia film telling the story of "the dude" who lives there and created this wonderful boulderland. The story is genuine and a story of true passion."STONE LOCALS"is the name of the movie directed by @cheynelempe and othersCheck out our 'stories" later for more Avalonia action and a quick journey to Europe and Germany….#chillinorockclimbing #rockclimbing #guide #guiding #germany #avalonia #bouldering #passion #ruhrgebiet #international #travel #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #klettern…@kraftraumbocholt