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Experience rock climbing in San Diego. Our Intro to rock climbing is great for everybody with little or no experience at all! Master the basics of top rope climbing and become familiar with up to date equipment such as, ropes, harness, carabiners, belay device and helmet. Let us embrace the cooling temperatures of the morning and meet up for a rock climbing class in the shade of Mission Trails’ stunning granite rocks. This class is a great opportunity for those who have been indoor rock climbing and want to experience what it’s like outdoors. We are committed to enrich your knowledge about rock climbing with many hands on activities and first hand stories from our own longtime personal climbing experiences.

Dates + Time: this weekend on Sunday (09/12)  @ 7:00am – 12:00pm (5h). See and choose next available dates in scroll down menu below.

Where: Mission Trails Regional Park, San Diego, Our meeting point: Visitor center of “Mission Trails Regional Park” – address: 1 Father Junipero Serra Trail, San Diego, CA, 92119

Class includes:

– 5 hours of professional instruction through certified guides
– all safety equipment: harness, helmet, rock shoes, belay device, ropes

Class goals: Become familiar with climbing related terminology and learn all the basic skills required for top rope climbing through direct application. Be able to answer the following questions after our 5 hour class:

  • what is top rope climbing and how is it distinguished from other types of climbing?
  • who is the belayer and what responsibilities do belayers have?
  • what are the standard climbing commands between climber and belayer
  • what are the specific characteristics of a modern climbing harness?
  • how do I get lowered off the climb?
  • what is a partner check?
  • what are basic climbing techniques and how do I apply those?
  • what are the special characteristics of rock climbing shoes?
  • why is it important to wear a helmet?
  • how do I tie myself to the rope?
  • what is an ATC belay device and how do I use it?
  • …and many more

Rate: $125/person

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Intro Outdoor Rock Climbing San Diego. About climbing at Mission Trails:

Welcome to San Diego’s backyard and NATURE playground. Mission Trails has a long history of rock climbing tracing back to the mid/late 50’s. Today, about 200 different rock climbs have been established in the area – most of them are great for beginner to intermediate rock climbers. The average length of routes for the Intro Outdoor Rock Climbing San Diego course is about 45 – 60ft./15-20 meters with a few up to 100ft./30 meters. Mission Trails offers the most accessible rope climbing in San Diego. It is very close to the city and beaches (25min. drive) and for a good reason it has become a popular recreational hotspot in San Diego for hikers, rock-climbers and mountain bikers. A one mile short approach trail leads to the start of the first climb in under 20min. One of the great things about the Intro Outdoor Rock Climbing San Diego course in Mission Trails, is that a majority of the climbs are not as steep compared to what is traditionally found at climbing gyms, making it a perfect place for your first time rock climbing experience. Many low angle climbs help to let you focus on your climbing technique, especially footwork, which is one of the most important basic climbing techniques. Low angle climbs are also not as intense as steep/overhanging climbs so you will have moments to look around and enjoy the views while you’re on the rock, making for a very well rounded experience. Considering Mission Trails extremely close proximity to the city, it is an excellent spot to immerse yourself in nature while not having to travel a great distance to do so. The park offers a variety of animal and plant life which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. An early morning arrival time is ideal for summer months when the temperature climbs to moderate but at times, somewhat warm, temperatures. Outdoor climbing with the Intro Outdoor Rock Climbing San Diego course is an awesome way to build relationships, share laughs, and generally just have a good time doing something you wouldn’t normally do in San Diego.

Visit Mission Trails Website to Learn more:

September 2021: 09/25, 7am-12pm

October 2021: 10/02, 7am-12pm  |  10/09, 7am-12pm  |  10/16, 7am-12pm  |  10/23, 7am-12pm  |  10/30, 7am-12pm

November 2021: 11/06, 7am-12pm  |  11/13, 7am-12pm  |  11/20, 7am-12pm  |  11/27, 7am-12pm

December 2021: 12/04, 7am-12pm  |  12/11, 7am-12pm  |  12/18, 7am-12pm  |  12/25, 7am-12pm

January 2022: 01/08, 7am-12pm  |  01/15, 7am-12pm  |  01/22, 7am-12pm  |  01/29, 7am-12pm

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