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Private guiding is the best way to efficiently learn about safe outdoor rock climbing while having a great time that is focused on you. A private session with an experienced and certified guide is highly flexible and directly tailored to your goals in rock climbing.

Whether you are looking to hone in on your anchor skills, learn how to rappel or just want to climb as much as possible in one day – whatever you pick, you will get your money’s worth!


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No more grey zones about safety systems in rock climbing. No more second thoughts on partner trust. The benefits of private guiding are tremendous! Learn the safest way to practice rock climbing with hands-on activities and the greatest confidence possible. Even complete newbies with no experience benefit from private guiding through individualized attention and up to date knowledge. Our instructors are super fun and educational with more than 20 years of rock climbing experience and certifications through the American Mountain Guides Association.

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Private Guiding gives the opportunity to really grow exponentially as a climber. In this small group environment, you will be able to get inside knowledge from the guide which you may not otherwise get. With detailed tips and instruction from a Professional, Private Guiding is perfect if you want to learn how to do your own outdoor climbing but need the proper instruction to get to that point. The guide will go over everything you need to know, in detail, so you will be able to go out and climb the next time and do it right. Small groups allow for more one-on-one training which will give you the best learning experience to quickly build your confidence on the rocks and mold a well rounded and safe climber. Our professional guides will be happy to answer absolutely any questions you may have about rock climbing whether that be how to set an anchor, climbing technique questions, or how to tie a figure 8 knot, they know it all so ask away! Even ask about other places you may want to climb in the future after learning all the techniques. Private guiding offers a lot of flexibility in what you would like to do and what is great is that It is really up to you what the guide includes, If it is rock climbing related, we will work with you to create the ideal guiding experience so feel free to send us your ideas. As with most of our services, we tend to go to Mission Trails for a lot of our guides due to it’s close proximity to downtown San Diego and easy accessibility but this is another thing that you can change, check out our other pages and blog to see all the cool places we’ve taken clients in the past.

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