Solid Crew back in Mexico… trying to send the PanAm and make a climbing movie with @shepherdimagesllc @kovacsan11 and @cannonjtc We had a great time on the 10 pitch classic route up (the quite) impressive "El Gran Trono Blanco" in the sierra de Juarez. It was quite a logistical odyseey requiring hell of a support crew – especially our logis guy Andre @kovacsan11 who (literally) hauled ass to get ahead of Jordan @cannonjtc and I to geta) fixed lines out of our way and b) to be out of @shepherdimagesllc camera frame.The movie never happened or will it @shepherdimagesllc ? Regardless we had a blast and hell of good time camping out. We spend the night at the base of Gran Trono Blanco. We brought tons of great food to cook and totally forgot our cookware. Good luck that new friends such as @camdenclements were around to help. There are a few more pictures and I guess some fun footage if Jason will ever release it. Stay tuned. We will post at least more pics in our stories…#chillinorockclimbing #rockclimbing #mexico #panam #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #project #trip #strategy #crew #supportteam #adventure #proj…@kovacsan11 @shepherdimagesllc @instacam007 @cannonjtc