"Thank God" there is a ledge! High up on half dome there is the infamous "thank god ledge". This is not your every day walk in the park. You can crawl along it or even better stand up lean with your back into the wall and start walking… 2000 feet of air below you will take care of pure excitement. My partner and I climbed the regular northwest face of Halfdome in a little under 11 hours which totally matched with our expectations. The beauty is that there is room for a more cleaner ascent than this. We got off route twice – just for a short moment – we needed to take a bathroom stop and we could have handled cleaner transitions at the belay stations. But who cares when it is really about the fun and the enjoyment of climbing such a classic traditional route with such an exciting first ascent history! This is certainly one of the better routes I have climbed in the past 20 years. I can't wait for more adventures and I want to encourage everybody to follow their dreams and do what feels right… Thank god for climbing ;)