We are super excited about our newly offered"CHILLINO SESSIONS"We meet up every SUNDAY morning and 2nd Wednesday afternoon at Mission Trails in San Diego.If one or several statements are true for you, sign up and join us! I would love to climb outdoors on a regular basis I want to meet other local climbers I want to get better at climbing and gain more confidence I know how to belay and tie a figure 8 knot (if not join our intro class first!)….SIGN UP LINK IN BIO…#chillinorockclimbing #sandiego #rockclimbing #sandiegorockclimbing #guides #guide #guiding #optoutside #neverstopexploring #climb #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #amga….@missiontrails_regionalpark@mesarimclimbing @teammesarim @the_cosmic_climber @william_helmer @amga1979 @crizelley @justgailavanting @_rusty_spokes_ @_ella89 @prinsescc @terry_outdoors @bleachblondefitmom @stevenquinn @raycheelo @tashtinamody @adam__mccain @colincal @vinicolalanuestra @joshuakelly168 @davidpotterclimbs @mishaschoolov @rosie619sd @mackenzhicks @robbie_nox @sandrasketches_fr @sasha.pido @anna_is___ @mystic.rhythms.music @daxj @skyuphi @jordothegreat @danb_ing @jetski619 @chuchip88 @phat_habanero @lajollablonde @amousawy @chris.ruel @svdwild @jo.no.mo @plandrew_ @edmundomouet @brandon.croke @pearldotyoga @perezaddison @lonely.pines.media @madiblanca @mariliag92 @mackenzhicks @bri.hold @sweetimperfectionsmusic @yogijo619 @belayteam