Abba busting out the powerful traverse start of "Knob Job, 5.8". Great (and sharp) handrail with barely good footholds and slippery smears.Mission Trails has always been a great place for dialing in your footwork. The granite there is often rather smooth and this general rule applies:The greyer the rock the smoother. And the browner the rock, the more texture/friction it offers.This picture was taken at our Chillino Sessions. Come join our group every Sunday and 2nd Wednesday for fun communal outdoor rock climbing sessions. Sign up by clicking the link in bio….#chillinorockclimbing #chillinoguides #rockclimbing #climbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #sandiego #visitsandiego #chillinosessions #optoutside #neverstopexploring…@svdwild @william_helmer @trenton.johnson @thehungrynicole @_ella89 @crizelley @jfmartin100 @raycheelo @stevenquinn @ryan_bruhn @_goblin_boy._ @thecosmicclimber @gregasaurus_flex @mesarim_mv @officialacsd @verticalhold @grottoclimbing @mesarim_mm @adam__mccain