Pro Tips

Our Pro Tips pages is a great resource for reading about technical up-to-date rock climbing systems that are extremely safe when applied in the right situation. Keep in mind that there is always and never a right situation, as each system needs to be adapted to the context of the ever changing environment we climb – our rocks. It takes confidence, technical skill and more so experience to be efficient and safe at the concept presented. Do not try any of the technical systems if you are not familiar and experienced. Hire us guides or climb with more experienced climbers that are extremely knowledgeable and safe. 

Our sections are divided in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Skills. The further you go down the list, the more experience and more training is required to be self-sufficient and safe at performing these skills. We also recommend to click through these pages one or two days before we meet up for our climbing session. Choose a few articles that present new knowledge to you so that you are a bit familiar with the contents of the class – there are always new things to learn! Especially for beginner climbers it is very helpful to learn many of the climbing specific terms that will be taught in our beginner classes.

Beginner Skills

Harness harnessssssssssssssssssss

Belay Device inside page ATC with teeth

Figure 8 knot figure eight knot 1

Rock shoes rock shoes2

Locking Carabiner locking carainer 2

Belaying 12362084_1647700268835248_2055587745_n