Rock Shoes

Sticky rubber shoes are nowadays very essential for elevated rock climbing performance. Modern rock climbing as seen in the pictures below went through a series of modifications throughout the history of rock climbing.

rock shoes1          rock shoes2

From heavy mountain boots to sneakers to the first hard soled rock shoes in the early 80’s by a Spanish company named Boreal – their model “Firès” was the first mass produced sticky rubber climbing shoe. When famous US climber John Bachar went on a Europe trip in 82′ he was given a pair of “Firès” by the owner of Boreal himself. Bachar was blown away by its performance which led him to import 265 pairs of those to the US. Within a few hours all pairs where sold in Yosemite’s mountain shop starting an ongoing revolution in climbing shoe design in the US and worldwide. Today climbers often have several pairs of rock shoes for different styles of climbing – the “aggressive” shoe that is often tight,curved and pointy for micro footholds or more comfortable, less curved and less tight shoes for slab and crack climbing. Make sure you pick the right pair for your desired climbing activity – I recommend to go for comfort on your first pair and as your climbing progresses you may want to try a more “aggressive” pair