Our Team

Our Team

At Chillino Rock Climbing we pride ourselves to solely work with certified climbing instructors. Check out who our elite guides are.

Fabian Schillings “Fabi” –  AMGA-certified Rock Instructor, WFR- certified, MBA

Originally from Germany Fabi discovered rock climbing at a young age. When he came to California in 2008 to finish his college education, he was awakened to the diversity and endless opportunities of rock climbing in California. Extensive trips to Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Idyllwild and local San Diego areas inspired him to pursue his career as a rock climbing guide and instructor. In 2012 he obtained his “Rock Instructor” certification trough the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA).

His longtime experience coupled with his passion for sharing and creating an educational and fun environment is exciting for everyone who embraces climbing and the outdoors. Driven by nature exploring, traveling, testing physical and mental challenges he has created his lifestyle on and around the rocks. Today Fabi teaches and coaches all aspects of rock climbing at his climbing school and guiding service “Chillino Rock Climbing”. His uplifting and professional style of teaching has opened up new perspectives on hundreds of people’s life.

Fabi’s official AMGA Guide info

Fabian Schillings AMGA_Rock Instructor_Certification

William Helmer “Will” – certified AMGA single Pitch Instructor (SPI) and Rock Guide Aspirant

We are super thrilled to welcome William Helmer to our guide team at Chillino Rock Climbing. Featuring an abundance of knowledge and a sweet love for teaching and instructing, Will is the perfect addition! At the tender age of 26, he has an impressive track record of guiding and leading outdoor excursions for various companies in the field. After falling in love with rock climbing in 2013, he has continually worked on mastering his rock and guiding craft. He recently upgraded his SPI Instructor certification by completing his AMGA Rock Guide Course – Congrats!! For Will, climbing has helped forge the most important and worthwhile friendships in his life. His focus on community building and teaching led him to pursue a professional career in guiding and providing holistic outdoor education. Don’t be fooled by all this stoke about climbing – Will is diverse and deep! Ask him about his latest foraged mushroom from the local neighborhood, or about the hottest stocks on the market – PSYCHE! Welcome Will

Jakob Chew “Jake” – certified AMGA single Pitch Instructor (SPI)

Jake is a true SoCal climber and one of the few San Diego locals in our team. His passion for climbing and teaching is hard to not recognize. He joined Chillino Rock Climbing in December 2015 and since has taken over the lead guide role on many of our outings. He is a master at teaching any skill from basic top roping to complicated technical rope systems and mental coaching. His grounded and uplifting character has the power to make anyone feel comfortable on the rock, regardless of your experience. He is in tune with his surroundings and emits true dedication to his craft

When he is not climbing or teaching he loves to spend his time doing photography and creating visual arts. He has an eye for nature’s beauty and will not hesitate to talk about the magic that Mother Earth provides for us on a daily basis. Climbing is a lifestyle and whether it is on rock or in his daily life, climbing to higher heights is always on his mind.

Mike Donaldson – PCGI certified multi pitch instructor, Wilderness First Responder

Mike Donaldson is a true secret weapon when it comes to climbing. Growing up in Colorado he carries the mountain spirit deep embedded in his character. He has one of the most impressive ascent lists of all of our guides and he has been working as a full time guide since 2012. His ascents include solo climbs on El Cap and a speed climbing records on Norway’s National Mountain “Stetind”. He currently resides in Yosemite valley to be part of the world’s elite vertical rescue team (YOSAR – Yosemite Search and Rescue). We cannot wait to work with with him again when Fall comes around. And climbing is truly not what he is all about! Meet a genuine human who carries his heart at the right place. Mike embodies critical thinking combined with copious amounts of enthusiasm. Be impressed by his unique style and carry on the fire he emits. It is easy to feel at ease when around him.

Greg Davis – certified AMGA single Pitch Instructor (SPI), Wilderness First Responder certified (WFR)

Greg lives and breathes rock climbing! He started his rock monkey career in the early 2000’s and at this point he cannot think of going back. After selling many many mattresses and working a “real job” he discovered the importance of pursuing true passion and following his heart. Breaking patterns is his specialty and you will quickly notice that he is as genuine and true of a human as can be. Greg always brings a different perspective on everything, whether it is rock climbing or life philosophy. He is knowledgeable, witty and foremost just fun to be around. You think you can’t do it! Greg will show you how.

Joshua Reinig – SPI certified + Aspirant AMGA Rock Guide at ARGC level

Climbing is a medium in which we get to share the unimaginable. Make the impossible possible. Make dreams become reality.

In 2008, Josh started his pursuits in becoming a professional AMGA Rock guide. Because of the beauty in getting to share his experiences, he quickly realized how fulfilling his work is for his clients and himself. Climbing would be a lot less meaningful to him without getting to share such moments with some of the greatest people he has met throughout his instructor career. To him it is very important to share his love that he has found in the mountains with others. Josh is currently a certified AMGA Single Pitch Instructor and Aspirant AMGA Rock Guide at the ARGC level. Join him on his magical journey and go climb some rocks!

Matthew Navarro “Mateo”- certified AMGA single pitch instructor (SPI), Wilderness First Responder certified (WFR)

Mateo grew up in the beauty of the Mojave Desert in Southern California. He discovered climbing in 2007 in nowhere else than popular climbing town Boulder, Colorado. Daily laps on the infamous Flatirons, trad climbing in “Eldo” and many days of clipping bolts in Boulder canyon invited him on new perspectives and changed his life forever. When returning to California, he rediscovered his home and its endless climbing opportunities in the High Desert, where he has collected most of his experiences till now.

Mateo, loves to move over rock and he enjoys the combination of planning and risk management that outdoor climbing requires. He has devoted the last few years of his life to master his rock craft on all ends of the the mental, technical and physical spectrum. He is psyched to pass on his knowledge, experiences and safety awareness to new climbers who are eager to become confident and proficient on the rocks. Climbing has brought him many great things in life. Traveling to beautiful and remote places all over the world while meeting and being a part of amazing communities are just a few of them.

“Climbing has given me insight to the person I truly am. It fuels the fire of my passions. I want to help people achieve this state as well. Most of all I want to give people the experience of a life time while giving them the tools to continue having those experiences every time they step out into the world!”

elite guides Chris Norwood Chris Norwood – AMGA-certified Single Pitch Instructor + NOLS Wilderness First Responder

Chris began his rock-climbing career in 2010, while studying Geology at the University of Southern California. Cutting his teeth in the hills of Idyllwild and Joshua Tree, Chris has climbed extensively across three continents and has technical experience in all disciplines of the sport. As an AMGA-certified Single Pitch Instructor and NOLS Wilderness First Responder, he has the training and background to provide fulfilling experiences on the rock for both first-timers and for those looking to expand their knowledge of the more technical aspects of rock climbing.  Chris has a passion for the outdoors, and loves being able to share in the experience of teaching others.

Timothy Sweet – certified AMGA single pitch instructor (SPI)

Tim is our latest addition to the Chillino Rock Climbing Team. He grew up spending a lot of time in the outdoors on the East coast (back then mostly hiking) and transitioning to steeper terrain than trails was simply a natural progression for him. After moving to San Diego and getting into climbing, Tim immediately fell in love with the idea of guiding in the outdoors. Most of his early guiding experience came from taking his friends outdoors and setting up top rope climbs or leading them on long hikes. Tim is a true San Diego climber and you can usually find him climbing on the slick rock of Mission Gorge or on the coarse sun-baked granite of Mt. Woodson and Dixon Lake. Tim has always been an advocate of the natural world and has donated some of his time to the Sierra Club and The San Diego Natural History Museum. Tim’s passion for climbing comes from the traditional world where his early climbing mentors immediately threw him on cracks and had him placing gear. His personal goals are to grow resume in the alpine arena and to then start the path of an AMGA Rock Guide. Tim is a certified AMGA Single Pitch Instructor and holds a current CPR/First Aid certification. When he’s not guiding outside you can find him teaching climbing clinics at Vertical Hold Climbing Gym or advocating healthy eating for Whole Foods Market of Hillcrest.


elite guides - Jordan CannonJordan Cannon – AMGA certified SPI Instructor + WFR

Like most climbers who come to California, Jordan values the freedom of wide-open spaces and has a deep appreciation for the mountains. Even though he started climbing in the gym at the age of 10. While growing up on the East Coast, he didn’t really hit his stride until he moved to San Diego in 2013. There, he began making trips to Joshua Tree and Yosemite Valley. While studying English and Art at the University of Saint Katherine, Jordan quickly developed a passion for the history and culture of rock climbing. He decided to move into his van in order to pursue a career as a guide and professional athlete. Jordan may not be the strongest climber in the world, but he stands out as a staunch traditionalist and cares more about adventure rather than difficulty, but that hasn’t stopped him from sending 5.13 sport routes or free-climbing El Capitan. Jordan enjoys all styles of climbing, but he still tends to gravitate towards long trad routes and big link-ups in Yosemite. He is always ready to get out there and get after it every chance he can get. With unending psych and an insatiable appetite for climbing, Jordan is constantly thinking of ways to “Go Big” and push his limits in the mountains. He is a certified AMGA Single Pitch Instructor and Wilderness First Responder and has plans to continue his education and take the AMGA Rock Guide Course in the future.

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