Black Forest gneiss! Here, 7 years ago on a first ascent near Freiburg, Germany. This one shows a "FLAG" move. A flag means that you extremely point one of your legs into one direction while your "flagged" foot is dangling with no foothold. There are two main benefits related to the flag that help you to smoothly reach the top:1. Extended reach! Pointing your right leg to the left will automatically extend your right arm's reach (see pic) or vice versa pointing your left leg to the right extends your left arm's reach.2. Avoid "barn dooring"/ adjust weight balance. A "barn door" pulls you off the wall due to an imbalance – often it is the weight of your leg that needs to be "flagged" so it cannot pull you away from the wall!Most situations require an "outside" flag where your "flagged" leg is either underneath your other leg or behind.A more advanced variation of the flag is the "inside" flag which means that your "flagged" leg crosses through your other leg. This move brings your foot and toes very close to the wall which eventually allows you to push them against the wall which again increases your reach!Show your flag! And see you out on the rocks.