"Coarse and Buggy" – mega classic in Joshua Tree. Great stemming and lie backing moves lead to the top of this 90feet/25m climb. My feet are pushing in the opposite direction than my right hand ("lie back" move). Also, I use my left hand palm to support my right hand tiny finger hold (mix of "lie back" and "stemming" move). One of my favorite moves because I have to trust my skill. I am scared to slip and pop off from my position (lie backing is known for quick/catapult like falls) So I'd rather climb up. No time to picture consequences of a slip. Float or fall. Always a learning experience @shepherdimages @chillino_rock_climbing #rockclimbing #sandiegorockclimbing #joshuatreerockclimbing #guidedclimbing #grottoclimbing #klettern #rockclimb #rockclimbingsandiego #pushyourlimits #joshuatree #california

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