Crack climbing in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. On this trip back in the day we had the pleasure to meet @siebevanhee who can be credited for this picture.It was a beautiful sunny late morning when our Suisse friend Martin and Fabi went off to the boulder fields just below "The Chief".We bumped into a group of Belgians who were all trying hard on this.classic V5 sloper mantle Boulder problem.It was certainly not a gimmie and most people were flailing quite a bit until sending. Not so much with @siebevanhee … this young crusher (I think back then he was 19) just showed up and hiked the problem. That was impressive to watch.We started chatting and he mentioned that he is on a quest to learn how to trad climb in Canada. He seemed to be tired of the competition lifestyle that he was living until then – hanging out in gyms and pulling on plastic. He was seeking adventurous climbing, multi-pitch, mountains and cracks.And so Fabi invited him on his first trad climb in Squamish. For an easy intro we chose "Angel's Crest" a moderate classic that seemed to be a good start for a first trad climb.@siebevanhee of course crushed it. Actually on only one pitch, he joined Fabi at the anchor and said "that finally felt a bit like real climbing" – when you know Siebe, this statement makes sense. Strong is almost an understatement for this guy. It did not take a week and we were already logging harder 5.11's like "Freeway".Very need to say that this trip probably marks the start of his Uber successful trad climbing career. Check out his social media and get stoked on his very impressive ascents he has accomplished since he took that picture of Fabi in 2009.Sending much love to Belgium. Good memories. Cheers to our friend…#chillinorockclimbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing #rockclimbing #squamish #trad #crackclimbing #mentor #explore #optoutside