Multi Pitch Rock Climbing in San Diego


Price/person: $390  (rate at one climber)

Price/person:$280 (rate at 2 climbers)

Participants learn about the basic principles of multi-pitch climbing and equipment (or enjoy the benefits of a professional guide):

  • harness, ropes, belay device, cordalette, shoulder and double shoulder length slings, use of locking vs. non-locking carabiners
  • introduction to lead climbing
  • lead belaying technique“guide-belay” technique
  • Introduction on how to read a climber’s guidebook

Anchoring – bolted and traditional anchors

  • how to set up an anchor on two bolts vs. trad anchor
  • rope management at anchor station
  • how to secure yourself to the anchor (clove hitch)

This trip is a great opportunity to experience and observe the full process of a multi-pitch climb. Since multi-pitch climbing combines a lot of different aspects of rock-climbing, it is the ideal way to learn about basic skills and practice them in a safe environment. This trip is packed with lots of climbing and hands on experience that will broaden your knowledge about rock-climbing.

While observing the multi-pitch process several times throughout the day we will have a lot of time to talk and discuss different situations that we will encounter. By the end of the day you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is a lead climb?
  • How do I belay a lead climber?
  • What is an anchor station and how do I protect myself on an anchor?
  • How do I build a bolted anchor vs. Trad anchor?
  • How do I belay in “guide’s mode”?How do I transition from belaying into climbing on a multi-pitch?
  • …and many more questions that you will be able to answer after this experience


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Experience higher heights! For everybody who is eager to learn more skills or want to enjoy the comfort and terrain knowledge of a professional guide. Our guided multi pitch experience is a great way to literally expand your horizon. San Diego offers multi pitch climbing as well as single pitch climbing all year around (with more suitable areas in fall, winter and spring). Our guides can accommodate 1 or 2 climbers in a private setting for a full day session of 8hrs+. We highly customize everything to your climbing level and experience as we choose the perfect climb for you. You are required to have a basic knowledge that we teach in our Intro class, such as top rope belaying, figure eight knot and gear knowledge. New skills that you may learn are lead belaying, cleaning anchors and rappelling. Aside from new skills, you will also have the opportunity to observe tons of helpful tricks around rock climbing and specifically multi-pitch climbing techniques.


Multi pitch climbing allows us to climb routes that are longer than one rope length. In order to climb further than this, we first need to stop so that we can belay our partner up. Each stop signals one pitch. Any climb that requires more than one stop is classified as multi-pitch climbing. The length of each pitch is very dependent on terrain, usually ranging from 40 feet to 120 feet. It is incredible how much vertical gain is possible via multi pitch climbing techniques. The typical process goes like this:

  • leader (lead) climbs up to the top of the first pitch
  • leader builds an anchor
  • leader secures herself directly to the anchor
  • leader is now “off belay”
  • leader pulls up the rope until the rope is tight on the follower
  • follower signals that rope is tight (“name, It’s me”)
  • leader puts follower on belay and communicates “On Belay+name”
  • follower is on belay!  she can now dismantle the anchor (or in case of first pitch – leave the ground)
  • follower starts climbing and collects lead gear that leader placed
  • follower joins leader at belay station (here: top of pitch #1)
  • follower anchors/secures herself into anchor
  • …on repeat

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