Scrambling in Joshua Tree National Park! There is probably no other place on earth where you can practice this wonderful skill better than there. Joshua tree is a wonderland of rocks… a complex cluster of stacked and piled rocks. Almost all rock peaks in JTree are accessible via scrambling. Scrambling is a form of fifth class hiking – hiking with constant use of hands – performing short climbing moves followed by immediate secure and flat stances! Scrambling is an essential skill for climbers. Often there is no option other than scrambling to approach the climb or descent from the climb. Scrambling is a rope less activity and should not be underestimated. A good spotter on a challenging section goes a long way and creates confidence to push you comfort level bit by bit. I also recommend to wear sticky rubber shoes for scrambling – this e is a hybrid of rock climbing shoes and hiking shoes. They grip much better in rock and add safety and comfort. Stay safe! #rockclimbing #explore #climbing #california #californiarockclimbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbingpicture #climb #climbingguide #climbcalifornia #klettern #escalade #escalada #grimper #klimmen #sandiego